Tuesday, 19 July 2011


A good interview with Salma Yaqoob in last weeks Birmingham Mail. It's sad to see that Salma has had to resign as councillor due to ill health. I worked with Salma on a number of occasions including a Peace Vigil for Israel & Palestine, campaigning against the EDL, her campaign to become an MP and  campaigns against the spycams and the closure of Sparkhill Baths. I was particularly pleased when Salma agreed to write the Forward for my book and then speak at the launch last year. Salma will be greatly missed in both local and national politics, her performances on BBC's Question Time ( see above) and BBC Radio 4 Any Questions were often outstanding, challenging the neo-liberal and pro war political consensus of the three main parties. It's good to see that she will not be totally leaving public life, on her own web site she says

For the time being, I have to take a step back and give myself the time and space to concentrate on regaining my health. However, I am not retiring from politics just yet! I still have things to say and - health permitting - I hope to continue with occasional media appearances, writing and public speaking.I may have been forced to resign as a councillor. But I remain as committed as ever to the struggle for a world free of war, racism and poverty.

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