Sunday, 21 March 2010

Israel and Palestine - What is to be done? Public Meeting in Coventry Tommorrow

I am hoping to get to this that I only learnt about towards the end of last week.

Also check out a recent publication from Concordis International...the publicity blurb states

'The Christian peace organisation Concordis has just published a booklet to help churches understand the issues around the Israel / Palestine conflict. It follows a gathering of Christians with different perspectives on the conflict, aims to seek greater consensus and unity, and suggests some actions'

You can download the booklet here

Public Meeting:
Israel and Palestine – what is to be done?
Coventry Muslim Resource Centre, Red Lane, Coventry
Monday March 22nd, 6-8pm
• Ismail Patel, Chair, Friends of Al Aqsa
• Dan Judelson, former Chair, Jews for Justice for Palestinians
The situation of the Palestinians in Gaza remains desperate, with the continuing Israeli and Egyptian blockade preventing reconstruction after the devastating assault on Gaza’s civil society carried out by the Israelis a year ago. The situation in the West Bank is little better, as Israel
continues to expropriate land and evict Palestinian families from their homes in order to expand its settlements. Yet it often seems that Western governments turn a blind eye to Israel’s behaviour, and treat Israeli violence far more leniently than that of the Palestinians. When the recent Goldstone Report on the Gaza war accused the Israelis of war crimes, our government refused to back it. Many people in the UK, perhaps even a majority, recognise the injustice of this situation, but feel powerless to do anything about it.

• If we organise and speak out, could we change UK government policy?
• What could the UK do to restore some kind of justice in Palestine?
• How can we contribute?

This meeting hopes to bring together Muslims, Jews, Christians and all
others who long for a just peace in the Middle East, in a common effort
to answer these questions and bring about change.

• 6.00-6.30 refreshments • 6.30-7.30 talks • 7.30-8.00 discussion
Organisers: Justice for Palestinians-West Midlands and Coventry Muslim
Resource Centre. Please contact david or the CMRC,
on 024 7663 7933, for further information.