Friday, 13 April 2012

Greenbelt 2012 - Saving Paradise

I was invited to submit 2 or three talks for the Greenbelt Festival talks programme this year. I decided to submit the two below and learnt some weeks ago that they have been accepted just had to wait until my name was officially announced on the festival website before publishing details here. This years theme is Saving Paradise.

Maybe see you there.

'Talk of other faiths by Christians often ends up in arguments about who gets into heaven! In two talks Ray will explore a different route to paradise - how opening ourselves to the treasures and challenges of other faith traditions can help us deepen our relationship with God and enhance our spirituality as Christians. Drawing upon personal stories, theological reflection, the bible and the scriptures of other traditions he will argue for a path of radical humility in our engagement with other faiths rooted in the practice of Christic vulnerability.

For now we see in a mirror, dimly.....

Learning about humility from Muslims through experiencing Jihad, about Communion from Sikhs after visiting a Gurdwara,......through these and other personal stories, stories from the Christian tradition and scriptural reflection, Ray will explore how, challenged and inspired by our neighbours of other faiths, we can grow in radical humility, experience personal transformation and deepen our practice of the virtues of faith, hope and love.

But then we shall see face to face.....

Fasting with Muslims at Ramadan, joining Jews in synagogue and home as they welcome and celebrate Shabbat. How does opening to relationship with Judaism and Islam affect how we understand ourselves and our hopes for God's future? In this talk drawing upon personal stories and theological reflection Ray will explore the possibilities for developing our faith if we engage creatively with the continued vibrancy of Judaism and the flourishing of Islam.

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Julie Siddiqi said...

Ray, they both sound excellent! Hope they are recorded and you can share them after you deliver them as well. Julie Siddiqi