Friday, 16 September 2011

Being Good News to Muslim Neighbours - A Forthcoming Conference

Pastor Alex Samy of Edward Road Baptist Church and I are becoming  great intra Christian dialogue partners. Last Friday we spent the good part of the afternoon discussing what Christian Witness in a multi Faith society should be all about. We didn't agree but had a great discussion and I think both of us came away challenged and encouraged by the conversation. Pastor Samy has asked me to share details a conference they are holding at Edward Road Baptist Church on 'Being Good News to Muslim Neighbours'. I hope to attend and in the process continue the dialogue. The conference is on Saturday 15th October and details can be found here

Those interested might also like to take a look at a relatively new online journal that is published  in the US with an international audience and panel of writers. Evangelical Interfaith Dialogue is available to download free.

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