Monday, 14 February 2011


Today I had the third meeting of a planning group that is organising a conference on Christianity and other faiths supported by The Council of Black Led Churches, Queen's, Churches Together in England and Birmingham Churches Together. The details of the conference are below. It's been a long time in gestation with a couple of us trying to find ways of getting it started for about 18 months. Now after having pulled together a diverse and truly ecumenical organising team our plans are fully underway. Check out the details below - come to the conference and book early - places limited!


10am- 4.30pm

Mount Zion Community Church Birmingham B6 4TN

Faith, Hope & Love - Christian Witness in a Multi Faith Society.

An exciting day conference organised by an alliance of Christian Churches in
Birmingham and Churches Together in England that will tackle the difficult
but exciting question of how to be a Christian disciple in a multi faith

The Conference through a variety of inputs, dialogues and workshops will
seek to
help Christians become more confident as part of a multi faith society
share stories that empower others
gather Church leaders and members who are new to inter faith engagement
act as a catalyst for further developments
create a safe environment where people can share their stories and ask the
difficult questions.

Workshops include:

Natasha & Jenni from The Feast on Christian and Muslim young people working and sharing faith together

Richard Reddie author of 'Black Muslims in Britain : Why are a Growing Number of Young Black Men Converting to Islam?' on Black Muslims and Black Culture

Andrew Smith of Scripture Union on Evangelicals and Inter Faith Dialogue

Pall Singh of The Sanctuary and The Lozells Project on Who is our Neighbour ? - increasing our awareness of those we live alongside.

Ray Gaston author of 'A Heart Broken Open - Radical Faith in an Age of Fear' exploring Living Faithfully, Hopefully & Lovingly in a multi faith society

Sharing our stories sessions with Bishop Joe Aldred, Archbishop Bernard Longley and Pall Singh of The Sanctuary & The Lozells Project talking about their own experience of working with other faith communities.

For more information go to

Or contact either:
Revd Ray Gaston at Queens Foundation 0121 452 2623
Pastor Peter Pennant Council for Black Led Churches
Gale Richards Heart of England Baptist Association 07765931348
Bishop Basil Richards Church of God of Prophecy 07738241710

Cost £5 in advance £8 on day
Discounts for advance group bookings 5 for £20 10 for £35
To get a booking form for the conference email Birmingham Churches Together at or download booking form from

Conference is supported by Birmingham Churches Together, the Council of
Black Led Churches, Queen's Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education
and Churches Together in England.